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"Other doctors could not figure out was was wrong with my back. After X-rays and exam Dr. John and Dr. Jan diagnosed a scapula problem that was cleared up after one treatment.I have been getting adjusted in this office for over 25 years to keep my back in shape.


I came to Dr. McKay when I was 28. I had been experiencing severe neck, middle back and low back pain for years. Dr. Mckay X-rayed my back and then showed them to me so I could see for myself what was happening to my spine. I had a reversed neck curve, scoliosis in my mid back and misalignments in my low back. After I completed my treatment plan they
X-rayed me again and I could not believe the difference the X-rays showed. All of these injuries were from a severe auto accident I had as a child that just grew worse over time. With periodic adjustments Dr. McKay as kept me out of surgery for 17 years.


I am a thirteen year old boy. My mom took me to see Dr. John and Dr. Jan for my neck pain. I had started to have a reverse curve. They got it cleared up in just 3 treatments and I get an adjustment every once in a while to keep my neck aligned the right way.


I have periodic low back pain from an injury I got many years ago when I fell off a horse. Sometimes the pain is so severe I have trouble walking. Dr. McKay adjusts my low back and puts me on decompression therapy and my low back pain goes away.